About David-Bryan homes

Continuing a Legacy, Building a Dream.

Founded in 2019 through the partnership of two dedicated individuals, David Enfinger and Bryan Pogue, our company embodies a unique blend of tradition and innovation. While David’s family has a long history in the homebuilding and development industry, Bryan offers more than 20 years of "hands – on" experience in crafting innovative custom luxury homes.

Our story unfolds with a commitment to cater to the discerning homebuyer who seeks purposeful spaces that transcend the ordinary. At David-Bryan Homes, we firmly believe that "Smaller does not have to mean cookie-cutter." Our designs and included Classic Appointments reflect this philosophy, ensuring that our homebuyers experience luxury on their terms.

At the heart of our approach is a dedication to excellence in home design, with a focus on putting "space" in all the right places. Our homes are meticulously crafted to satisfy our homebuyers' preferences, encompassing high ceilings, well-considered kitchens, spacious doorways, zero-entry showers, ingenious storage solutions, seamless access to our thoughtfully designed outdoor living spaces, and the latest energy-efficient features.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to build homes that create spaces where our homebuyers can thrive. We are committed to delivering exceptional design and low-maintenance living while focusing on the long-term value of our homes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to consistently offer innovative and forward-thinking Solutions that meet the evolving needs and desires of our homebuyers. We aspire to build homes that not only meet but exceed expectations.

Our Values


We conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity, with a goal of building trust with our homebuyers and our trade partners.


We constantly seek innovative solutions from design to construction to provide homes that are ahead of the curve.


We are dedicated to sustainable building practices with a goal of minimizing our environmental footprint while maximizing energy efficiency.

At David-Bryan Homes we are committed to re-defining the industry’s standards by unwaveringly adhering to a process that guarantees a unique and unparalleled homebuying experience for our homebuyers.

David-Bryan Homes is now building in Lyla’s Gate at McMullen Cove, a lifestyle community. McMullen Cove is gated and offers more than 30 miles of paved and natural walking and bike paths. McMullen Cove’s resort style amenities include a Pool, Tennis Courts, Clubhouse, Picnic Pavilion with Stone Fire Pit for Gatherings. With over 3,000 acres, 1500 acres of McMullen Cove lands will remain natural for years to come.